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Best nail artists you must follow

Every field has its spearheads and in the beauty sector there are some holy monsters with unique imagination and impeccable feeds, like best nail artists in the world that have talent to spare. Find...

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Carnival nails

Whether you prefer the magic of Venetian masks or the music of Rio de Janeiro, your carnival nails should match the disguise you wear. For one day, allow yourself to be anyone you wish.

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Babyboomer turns coloured

A great classic reinvented in a cheerful and funny way, the french ombré with color is fresh and versatile, perfect for any shape and length of nail and giving an extra edge to your style.

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Love is in the hand

People love it or hate it, but day of lovers comes anyway. Don't be unprepared, wear a Valentine's Day manicure worth to be noticed.

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Winter Nail Trends for Winter 2023

Looking for something new? You’re in luck, new winter nails trends are anything but ordinary! Black gives way to plays of light, matt and plain colours make way for alternative patterns, making for...

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Winter Wedding Nails

The bridal dress is not the only thing you will have to take care of for your big day, your wedding nails will have to follow the style chosen for the event. For a winter ceremony there are thousands...

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Don't be shy, shine!

Not everyone appreciates them but many are in love with them, we are talking about sequins. Coloured, silver or gold it doesn't matter, those who go crazy for sparkling effect wear it in every way...

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