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Love is in the hand

wear a Valentine's Day manicure worth to be noticed

Single or not, 14th February is coming and love is in the air. No matter if and how you celebrate, this day brings romance and sweetness. Fashion brands and famous make-up artists take the opportunity to go wild with original combinations and colours for the occasion, the same happens in the beauty world where really pretty Valentine's Day nail art goes crazy, try it to believe it!

valentine's day nail design

Not only hearts and red!

There is no single trend for this day, there are different proposals depending on the love affair you are involved. If you are dating and feeling to take your relationship to the next step, you can add lip stickers or transfer foils on a white base to silently ask for a kiss at the end of the dinner. If there's still no spark yet, you can dare with chrome or glitter finishes, as bright as the eyes of two lovers. If you are feeling like a femme fatale you can choose darker reds to give your hands depth and sensuality, if you cannot express your feelings in words there are stickers that aid you. Want to play down this occasion with a jaunty look? Go for more pop shades of pink, such as fuchsia and bubble gum, for a fresh and light Barbie girl style.

valentine's day nails

Inspirations from world's best manicurist

Obviously, hearts shapes are an evergreen, in all sizes and colours, a real must-have for Valentine's Day nails. If you prefer there are many stickers with teddy bears, kisses, roses, lettering and envelopes to send a not too subliminal message to your crush. Manicures for 14th February tend to alternate red and white base on which to apply decorations or draws of aesthetic hearts and words of love (whether for someone else or for yourself). Hollywood's most famous manicurist, Tom Bachik, proposes new shades to play with and to express yourself. The artist who looks after the hands of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie and Camilla Cabello uses nude and milky to play down and lighten the emotion of the event without spoiling the romance. Tom Bachik goes outside the box by drawing heart portions in different areas of the nail for each finger, creating a contemporary and sophisticated effect. He also creates more minimal looks such as nude bases with classic hearts on short nails or monochrome degradé on long lengths to give femininity and sensuality to gestures.

valentine nail design

Our suggestions for your Valentine’s nails   

If indecision is high and you don't want to choose just one kind of red, we give you the solution: our Thermo Colors collection, thermal colours that change intensity depending on the temperature. The famous influencer Chiara Ferragni has long been a fan of this products, which was initially inaugurated with GP342 Sunshine Thermo, the pink that turns orange when degrees drop. For 14th February we suggest GP344 Sunset Thermo, a glittery purple that turns into red in cold weather. Red and silver glitter inside gives it unique shades, perfect for bewitching the person you want to spend the day with. If you want something more sophisticated, you can use themed stampings to faithfully replicate your chosen heart or pattern. No matter the length or shape, the aim this time is not to enhance fingers or follow a specific trend, but to create a design as romantic as your personality.

valentine nail art

Now all you have to do is to choose which style suits you, indulge yourself with what you prefer and above all choose what makes you feel better. Remember that doing what makes you feel good is the greatest act of self-love you can do, wear only what you like and what reflects your personality. You will see that by doing this you will not have to chase love, it will find you.

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