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Women's Day nails

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ideas for your Women's day nails

For many it is a mere consumerist event, the result of years and years of marketing campaigns. In truth, this day has historical and political roots that deserve to be remembered and celebrated. For such an important date, nails for Women's Day cannot be left to chance. If you want to learn more about this topic and find out which style is most suitable for this occasion, just read on!

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The triggering episode took place in New York on the night of the 25th of March 1911. The employees of the Triangle textile factory went on strike to demand better working conditions and the owners' response was to lock them inside the factory. A fire broke out that night and 146 women died, another 71 were seriously injured. It was a tragedy that shocked the world, giving rise to episodes of rebellion by female workers all over the planet.

A few years later, on the 8th of March 1917, fleets of Russian women marched on St Petersburg to appeal for the end of the war. The march was the beginning of many popular uprisings that marked the end of the Romanov dynasty. From that moment on, 8 March was proclaimed International Women Workers' Day. This anniversary then spread all over the world as did the symbol chosen to celebrate it: the mimosa flower.

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There are several reasons why this plant was chosen. Firstly, it is affordable for all budgets, and secondly, it was the flower that grew next to the New York factory that burnt down in 1911. The mimosa flower was also used by Native Americans to woo their beloveds and prove them their feelings. For all these reasons, we can finally say that it is one of the flowers that most represents this celebration in many countries around the world. The mimosa flower is made up of many small yellow entities that form a joyful and lively plant, capable of growing even in rather difficult terrain. In short, this flower perfectly sums up the strength of the fairer sex.
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Nowadays, girls all over the world come together to celebrate Women's Day. Go out with your girlfriends, go to your favourite pub and order a Mimosa cocktail: you will thoroughly enjoy chatting and definitely have a lot of laughs! Want to celebrate at your best? Wear yellow clothes and nails, the colour of our beloved flower!
If you don't like this bright colour or it simply doesn't suit your seasonal colour palette, there are endless ways to celebrate a day rich in history and political significance. Unleash symbols of freedom such as butterflies and take the opportunity to practice the magic and precision of micro-painting. Our suggestion? All on a pink base, the colour that symbolises grace and femininity.
 woman day manicureIf you don't like stereotypes and prefer to use different but still delicate and spring-like colours, embellish your nail art with orange tones and floral patterns. We created a manicure with our LOL gel polish, a professional product with beautiful coral shades. On the index and ring finger we left the base transparent and drew only the smile line of our French manicure. On the latter fingers we than painted stylised flowers with Trendy brush Super Fine and Trendy Double Spot. Finally, we sealed with UltraGloss, our ultimate clear no-wipe top coat. It will add maximum shine to your manicure, guaranteed!

woman day manicureWe hope we have provided you with hints and ideas for an elegant and delicate look. Whatever way you wish to celebrate such a meaningful day, the watchword is one: don't be afraid to make your voice heard!

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