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Carnival nails

Make your carnival nails match the disguise you wear

It’s the one time of year when everything is allowed, every joke and spite (in a playful way). It’s one of the few times where fashion rules fall silent and flamboyant shades are given carte blanche, free to decorate clothes, accessories, faces and, of course, nails. Whatever you have in mind, you can wear a mask for an indecipherable expression, but your fingers will be uncovered and must reflect the party costume. Don't use gloves, let your carnival manicure be the presentation of the character you want to be.

carnival manicure

Choose who you want to be

If you thought epiphany would put an end to these long festivities, you are wrong. The craziest party of the year is imminent and brings games, pranks, costumes and delicious stuffed pancakes! Whatever plans you have, you'll need to sport some noteworthy carnival nails to match the festive atmosphere that characterises the funniest days of the year. For a short while, you can forget the strict rules of fashion industry and dare with the weirdest combinations, but please don’t be kitschy. There’s no shortage of inspiration for a carnival manicure. If you don't want to go wrong, you can take inspiration from Harlequin’s disguise, Europe's best-known mask. His suit was originally white and according to some people, it became coloured due to the patches sewn on over the years. Another legend claimed that the teacher and his classmates took up a collection to help the poor child obtain a suitable suit to take part in a fancy-dress party, of which it is said he won first prize.

carnival nail decorations

History of Carnival look

Regardless of how it turned out, the daring juxtaposition of colours became legend throughout the continent, clearing the way for the most extreme creativity and breaking down monochromatic disguises. The famous character spread around 1600 and came from an indefinite place. According to some he was a medieval French devil jester named Hellequin, for others he was a pagan spirit who hunted monsters in winter. Some claim he has Milan roots, while the writer Carlo Collodi places him in the magic city of Venice, where he performed his most famous adventures. In today's popular imagination, the famous jester speaks Venetian and wanders the calli of the lagoon city to mock the naivest people. Harlequin is an unfaithful servant, lazy and greedy for sweets, he enjoys spiting his masters, he eats to his heart's content and does not even bother to hide or camouflage himself, wandering around in the sunlight with his bright colours. The design of the craziest party is inspired by him and his style, flaunting an almost irreverent vivacity. Take the opportunity to decorate your fingers in a surprising and playful way, take advantage of these special days to not take yourself too seriously and to try out a different look.

carnival nails

Carnival nails we propose

We propose a design inspired by Europe's most popular costume, with bold colours yet elegant and sophisticated. We first used Alpha base and Master Hard Rose builder gel to create our structure layer. We applied and cured Ipanema Green on thumb, index and little finger. On middle and ring finger we applied it with Trendy Micro brush to create minimal, geometric and well-defined decorations. We carried out the same process with Circus, and intense and bright purple gel polish. As a final step we applied our silver strips, perfect for adding a touch of light. At the end, we applied and cured Ultra Gloss to seal the job. If you prefer an even more jaunty solution, take a look to our gel polishes containing shiny confetti decorations. In our Glow Glitter kit you will find high quality and bright shades you will fall in love with!

carnival nail design

In short, for a few days you can say goodbye to restrictions and stakes imposed by fashion industry. You can experiment and dare with everything that is not usually 'allowed' during the year. Take the chance to make like Harlequin: wander around unconcerned about people's stares, wear what you prefer, laugh out loud, joke a lot and eat to your heart's content. In short, have fun!

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