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Horoscope and nails, discover the perfect manicure for your zodiac sign!

Find the manicure for your zodiac sign

Astrology is not a fool proof science but it’s rarely wrong. It is not established that the movements of the planets can influence our personality, but certainly the two are connected. If the zodiac influences our character, we have no choice but to take the opportunity to wear what fully expresses our personality, without fear of shouting to the world who we are and how we are. Doing your nails according to the horoscope is an excellent strategy for not making mistakes, there is in fact a manicure for every sign of the zodiac.

Astrology divides the zodiac into four subgroups named after essential elements for us and for life: fire, water, earth, air. Let us now analyse the characteristics of the 12 signs to discover the best nails according to the horoscope!

Zodiac astrology


It belongs to the fire signs like Sagittarius and Leo. Aries is impetuous and passionate, he’s pure fire. He’s always busy, he needs to do a thousand things and woe betide you if you ask him to give up one of his hobbies to get some free time: he will say no. He can’t be tamed, he puts passion into every interest he cultivates and he’s a good worker. He has dynamism to spare and for this reason his colour is red. The shade we prefer is our semi-permanent gel polish red Passione, highly pigmented and very similar to the colour of the year Viva Magenta.

Red passion


He belongs to the earth element like Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus is indeed stubborn but not in a negative sense, he’s tenacious and decisive. One way or another he always gets where he wants but without subterfuge, it is not in his nature. Taurus is loyal and determined but under his armour hides kindness, sensitivity and a great need for affection. Like his other colleagues of the earth element, he’s logical and analytical, and for all these reasons why the shades that suit him best are those of green. Our gel polish Nizza is an elegant combination of the colour of nature and teal, perfect for Taurus.

elegant green manicure


He’s one of the air signs like Libra and Aquarius and his head is in the clouds. He’s restless, he cannot sit still, he’s a loyal friend and a generous partner. He’s not capable of sticking to a decision made, he changes his mind a thousand times within a few hours and this attitude can easily irritate those around him. He’s convincing, not because he has the gift of oration but because he can be exasperating. He’s sunny and funny, he knows how to be in company and if he’s not there everyone misses him. Pop Nails are perfect for this kind of character, a witty nail art just like a Gemini.

pop nails design


He belongs to the water element like Scorpio and Pisces. He’s poised, he doesn’t stand out for his exuberance but for his calmness. Cancer is quite impassive, he has the ability to let negative events slip by with a view to awaiting positive news. He may appear aloof but he’s not at all, he’s easily attached and he tends to be wise. As his dominant satellite is the Moon and the associated stone is pearl, we propose a bright effect obtained with our sparkling white gel polish, which contains lovely glitter to shine.

sparkling white polygel


Reflecting the animal whose name he bears, he’s not the king of the savannah but is the king of company and parties. His ego is very strong, he loves to be the centre of attention. Leo easily socialises, he laughs and jokes about everything and with everyone, but woe betide those who makes fun of him: he would be offended. As a good boss, he likes to be the group leader, the one to refer to in case of need. Obviously, the colour that best suits such exuberance is gold, even better if with glitter, it will stand out more.

golden nails


Precise, fussy, so manic as to be almost annoying. Virgo is punctilious: he needs physical and mental order to be able to do anything, while confusion makes him unwilling to carry out any activity. However, Virgo people are very pleasant souls to have around, they are polite and discreet. They don’t over cross other people's space and they are there when needed. Their presence is pleasant because it’s cheerful and never exaggerated. They need to feel tidy at all times and they don’t like excess, which is why the nude effect is their favourite option.

nude nails


The name calls to mind balance, because those who are Libra possess it and transmit it to others. Indeed, they have “balanced” personalities and know when to assert themselves or when it’s better to keep quiet. They are diplomatic colleagues, the ones who calm the waters during a heated meeting. However, they never take the initiative, they are those friends who to the question "Where are we going?" always answer "It's all the same to me". They don't make bold choices, they don't dare nor do take risks. The nail art suitable for such cautious souls has shades of pink, heaven forbid a Libra should go outside the box.

pink nails


Scorpio people are the most difficult of the zodiac to deal with. They are so much complex so that they only find affinity among themselves. Touchy, jealous, hot-tempered and moody, they can make your days a nightmare. Pay attention when talking, you have to dose your words with the dropper during a conversation. If they get angry, they first rant and then sulk for days waiting for you to apologise. However, Scorpio has great charm, he’s passionate and loves deeply. Its dark sides still prevail, so the colour that best suits it is Black Extra.

Total black nails


It’s the sign with the most vitality of all! Sagittarius makes friends easily, he loves to travel and he’s constantly looking for adventures. He lives the present to the fullest but has a thousand plans for the future, even if sometimes his expectations exceed reality. He’s a dreamer, optimistic and generous, he’s not possessive and rarely takes offence. He loves to be in company, but not with just anyone; he knows how to stay away from people who dampen his enthusiasm. The perfect nail art for these free spirits is a red and blue manicure. These shades are reminiscent of a trip to the Orient. Make it unique with our Oriental Garden Transfer Foil.

travel manicure


Stubborn, energetic and above all, realistic. Capricorn is dominated by the element of Earth and this could not be more evident. He only believes what he sees, and he’s an ambitious and diligent worker. At times his dedication to job results in workaholism, he does not give up and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He does not listen to the judgement of others so as not to be influenced, but this makes him reluctant to accept useful and valuable advice. The ideal nails for this kind of character are brown, as Capricorns have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

brown nails


Reserved but altruistic, sociable but sometimes solitary, elegant and non-conformist. Aquarius people present many contradictions, they are generous and share everything except their own time. They know how to carve out their own space and if they take a position they are adamant. They love being in company but only go out if they feel like it, certainly not to please the group. They have an alternative yet not messy style and like to revisit the rules of fashion to their own taste. A non-white French manicure with glitter is the perfect solution for an Aquarius.

multicolor nails


At first glance, Pisces people seem shy but it is only a matter of time. As soon as they get acquainted, Pisces reveal their friendliness. They are witty but not impetuous, friendly but calm, they are very similar to those born Libra. The two are similar and compatible, but Pisces are more romantic and dreamy. They stand out more for their creativity and altruism, they are peaceful and calm. Their naivety is almost dangerous: they believe everything and everyone, they trust very easily (perhaps too easily). They live in a bubble by which they isolate themselves from external worries, which is why the shades of water represent their personality.

blue nails

What zodiac sign and manicure are you?

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