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Babyboomer turns coloured

Lear more about babycolor

Why choose just one color when you have the whole rainbow available? French manicure grade with color takes the glam of baby boomer and reinterprets it in a playful but elegant way, changing the palette but respecting the technique and its execution. French ombré with color is the perfect example of the "innovate without distorting" concept, a design that we are sure will win you over!

How this trend was born

Surely you know the original version, a timeless evergreen. There is no continent in which the traditional babyboomer style is not widespread, more nuanced and harmonious than the French manicure, with no clear-cut break between pink and white. It’s a very popular effect that is always in vogue thanks to its versatility and discretion; it goes with any outfit and knows no seasonality. As you read on our previous article, it’s brides favourite manicure, a great wedding classic (also for bridesmaids and groomsmen). Its design gives the impression of making the nail longer and more even, enhancing its natural beauty. The glossy finish camouflages imperfections and gives a healthy appearance, giving the impression of tidiness and cleanliness. This trend takes its name from the historical period following the Second World War when there was an increase in births all over the planet, a time when French was widespread. In those years, the more nuanced and harmonious version of the famous design was born, still popular among people born during that historical period.

manicura babycolor

Shades to use to do your Babycolor manicure

This trend, which has become one of the best-loved in the world, is replicated and implemented with shades other than white for a design that is both original and chic. The shades chosen change according to the season, in spring pastel shades win while in summer fluorescent ones are the undisputed stars of this look. Even in winter you have plenty of variations, green light to grey, black and blue, shiny or glittered for a style suitable for the coldest seasons. As far as the shape is concerned, there are no fixed rules, but the most suggested is undoubtedly the almond, the shape that best highlights this natural and delicate trend. Whatever shape and length you choose, you can enjoy this look without worrying about the speed of regrowth, camouflaged by the nude or pink base.

uñas babycolor

Passione Beauty products to use

We at Passione Beauty went wild with the whole rainbow, creating a fresh and witty design, bringing light to winter outfits that tend to be soberer than those of other seasons. We created and cured a milky base with AcrilGel Cover Babyboomer and then matted the surface. We chose: turquoise GP87 Brooklyn, green GP407 Bestie, yellow GPF58 Minion, pink GP240 Crème Caramel and peach GP409 Dear, we applied them with Trendy Oval brush. We cured the coat, we applied Gelnius White and we sealed the job with a transparent coat made with Gloss Top.

blue babycolor

Our proposal is just one of the infinite variations this look can have, you don't wear limits. Play and experiment with any finish! The nude or milky pink base coat will still give a refined effect, no matter what you choose to apply on the nail top. We only have one piece of advice for this trend: have fun!

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