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Don't be shy, shine!

you will fell in love with glitter nails

Whether by day or night, lights always have an incredible charm and we cannot live without them. Fashion proposes make-up and accessories to “give a touch of light”, jewellery speaks of “points of light” and the beauty industry proposes glitter manicure. They perfectly match with a vibrant personality, a joyful look for you and for your days.

glitter nail art

Glitters’ world, discover more about it

This winter’s must is sparkling result. It doesn't matter what you wear, what mood you're in, if you prefer to spend your friday night on a dance floor or on the sofa with a hot tea, whether you have a rainbow or monochrome wardrobe. The only thing that matters this season is to brighten up your style and your day, the best way to do it is wearing shiny fingers. A glitter nail design doesn't necessarily have to be applied on every finger, you can alternate this finish with a classic one if the “total glow” doesn't suit your taste.

glitter nail design

There are thousands of variations, the ombré effect combines two colours in case you can’t choose, the sugar finish is a more softened but very chic option, the half-moon nail design is the touch of glow that enriches a nude base.

Half-moon nails, the history of the trend

The half-moon manicure is a technique in which an inverted half-moon is drawn at the base of the cuticle ring, please don’t confuse it with the Ruffian Manicure where the rounded section follows the entire line of the cuticle ring.

glittered nails

This variation of the traditional French was born in the 1920s thanks to an idea of a make-up artist employed at Metro Goldwyn Mayer (a historic American film production company). The aim was to enhance the hands of movie industry’s vips, a nude half-moon also helped to camouflage the regrowth. This trend quickly spread around and arrived in Europe, appreciated by international movie stars for the versatility and adaptability of the look. Burlesque queen Dita Von Tees re-launched this style by wearing it in the brightest shades of red, freeing it from the industry of film production and making it popular. Since then, this style with red or other coloured decoration were on everybody’s hands. Today, whether it is the whole nail or a portion of it, sequins are the main characters of our fingers (at least for this season).

nails with glitter

How to do a glittery half-moon manicure

Waterfall effect, ombré technique, alternative French or whatever you prefer. This shiny look can be used in a thousands ways and with any colour. Purple is often underestimated for superstitious reasons but it guarantees a galaxy result. We propose a galaxy effect using Daylight Thermo, one of the colours of Thermos collection that change colour according to temperature. First we applied and cured the Builder Gel Master Rose, then we applied two coats of Daylight Thermo and polymerised the two layers, as a last step we sealed everything with Ultra Gloss and cured this last coat.

If you want a shower of light, add rhinestones for a result that is nothing short of dazzling, you will be a brighter landmark than the North Star.

glitter nails

In conclusion, it will be a shiny winter. Glow finishes are back to brighten up the grey days of the coldest season, to compete with the flash of the same camera you use to capture your outfit (be it the most fashionable ski suit or pyjamas paired with slippers). This winter, everyone will be amazed as soon as you take off your gloves, people will have to wear goggles even off the ski slopes.

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