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Flakes: the secret to a jewelled nail art

how to use nail flakes

What better solution than small gold or silver flakes to embellish your nails? Yes, you read that right! You can have a luxurious manicure using flakes, very fine, bright and colourful scales that give shine. Extremely versatile and very easy to apply thanks to the silicone brush, they are the perfect decoration for a stylish and sophisticated nail art. Discover the endless options this product offers!


Very fine, thin and light, these flakes add absolutely no thickness to the manicure. There are various types, to follow whatever your imagination suggests.

Gold Leaves, an Original Option for making your own Flakes

You can choose between gold and silver ones, depending on your outfit and seasonal colour palette (gold if you belong to Spring or Autumn, silver if you are Summer or Winter). In both cases the result will be striking, as they are two shades that give shine and class. The final effect will change depending on the base colour you choose, in any case your style will have an extra edge.

Holo Flakes

Small, impalpable flakes with a bright and colourful holographic effect. You can find them in orange or purple, each with different reflections. They match the base colour of the nail, and give off their best when applied on darker shades. High-impact, bold and stylish, they are perfect for glass nails! In combination with our glass gel polishes, they give coloured light reflections to great effect.

Mirror Flakes for Holographic Nail Art

How cool is the mirror effect? A lot! That's why you can't help but fall in love with these tiny mirror-effect flakes with coloured reflections! Tiny shiny leaves full of rainbow reflections that give a precious and chic look. In addition to being incredibly thin, they come in different sizes to give a three-dimensional effect and the impression of more structured nail art. They also have a holographic effect, releasing different reflections of light depending on the colour of the base on which they are applied.
Flakes Flakes Flakes Flakes FlakesThe only difficult part is choosing your favourites, because there is really nothing complicated in their application. All you have to do is apply the decoration on the dispersion layer, only then do you have to seal and cure the manicure. To create this nail art in dark tones that particularly highlight the shine of gold, all you have to do is get Poison Black and Bottle Green gel polishes, both from our Supreme collection. Get yourself a silicone brush, Master Rose builder gel, gold flakes and a top coat. Follow the steps outlined in our video tutorial and you're done.


Now that you have learnt how easy it is to use these decorations, all that's left to do is to let your imagination run wild! Follow your creativity and bring to life the many different looks that reflect both your mood of the day and your personality.

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