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Viva Magenta, your must-have nails for 2023

Discover the colour of 2023: Viva Magenta

It’s difficult to get everyone to agree but it seems that the pantone of the year succeeds, the choice of the supreme institute of colour is very popular. The most renowned fashion houses and prestigious interior designers are already using the famous shade of red for accessories and large works, you just have to do the same with Viva Magenta nails.

Viva Magenta, why it’s the Pantone of the year

The much-vaunted shade is the perfect middle ground between bright crimson and deep carmine, it is a bold red with light blue and violet undertones without blurring into burgundy, which is darker and less rosy. It is also the first time in history that the Pantone of the Year will be presented in the Metaverse, so much so that the nickname Magentaverse is already raging. A true revolution combining fashion and technology, an idea that marks an innovative and decisive step for all of us. They have been three difficult years, full of uncertainty and complications, years that have changed mankind forever. We have been resilient, we have held on, and now we must heal. It is no coincidence that 18-750 was chosen, its name derived from the famous battle held in the town of the same name in 1859, whose bloodshed on the battlefield inspired the colour of 2023. This battle, which took place during the Second War of Italian Independence, has over the years become a symbol of struggle, resistance and strength, sentiments that we have come to know well in recent times.

Color of the Year

A colour that looks good on (almost) everyone

This is why it’s the shade of choice, suitable for disruptive souls, adventurous but not aggressive, with a decisive and understanding character at the same time. It’s bold, sensual but not vulgar, exuberant but not out of place. This red is perfect for those who belong to the winter chromatic season, but it is also easily adaptable to spring and summer if combined with grey, blue and white. Don't panic if you belong to the autumn chromatic season: you can wear it, but far away from your face. It is up to you to fully exploit the significance of this shade: dare!

History and origin of Viva Magenta colour

It's perfect to embellish your fingers in a literal sense, as the artificially obtained pigment 18-750 is inspired by cochineal red, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural pigment family. This dye has very ancient origins, said to be the world's oldest pigment extracted in Mauritania from a group of marine sedimentary rocks. The research to replicate it artificially and codify it was arduous but in the end it was worth it, this year we can see and appreciate this long work on outfits, furnishings and manicures.

Viva Magenta manicure

Viva Magenta nail art with our gel polishes 

Viva Magenta nails are easily achievable thanks to the numerous alternatives in our extensive catalogue. We particularly recommend gel polish GP380 Passione, which faithfully reflects the vigour of 18-750. If you want to stand out among the crowds wearing similar manicures for a 2023 in style, we have a great design to suggest. As a first step we built, cured and matted a base with AcrilGel Cipria, then we applied GP380 Passione and powdered some glitter, removing the excess with the fan brush. We finished the design by sealing and curing it with Gloss Top, for a neat and glossy final effect.

Viva Magenta nail design

How to match your Viva Magenta manicure

Now all that's left is to play with the accessories, for a sophisticated and tremendously fashionable result. You can wear many small rings (even more than one on each finger) or a few large ones, silver or gold, it doesn't matter, they will help to decorate and make your gestures unforgettable. Another idea is to match your manicure to your make-up, with a matching lipstick you will show that you have class and taste. You will find all kinds of accessories to match to complete your outfit, you can extend the trend of 2023 to furnishing accessories such as household linen, tablecloths, curtains, fabrics, table centrepieces and cushions that respect the trend of the moment.

Viva Magenta nails

In short, the decision made by one of the most important institutions in the fashion industry offers endless possibilities, it’s not a difficult type of red to match, it is vibrant and versatile, and by stimulating your imagination, interesting combinations can be created that you will fall in love with and will not be able to do without. Once you've updated your wardrobe, all that's left to do is live the new year with the same energy that the most talked-about pantone of the moment gives off!

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