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Winter Nail Trends for Winter 2023

Discover new winter nails trends

The hottest winter trends you can’t miss

What if we told you that you can wear tweed pattern without buying a Chanel garment, having an icing donut without eating it and wearing a pair of Louboutin on your hands instead of your feet? Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our wits, these are the possibilities offered by winter 2023 nails trend, alternative and surprising.

Glazed nails, Hailey Bieber’s favourite trend

Forget matt finish, this winter is glow! The hottest trend is glazed effect, Hailey Bieber’s favourite one. The fashion icon has always supported natural looks, those that do not exaggerate and do not alter what mother nature has given us. The supermodel often wears a pearly manicure, to enhance the natural beauty with a touch of colour just to cover minor imperfections. The glazed finish reminds to donut icing and it’s created with powder pigments, preferably neutral to bring out the chosen base. First of all you have to choose and polymerise the gel polish colour and repeat with Ultra Gloss, only then you can add the powder with a silicone brush and massage few seconds, the pigments have to take root properly. As in the most of the time, at the end we applied and cured a transparent top coat to end up and even out the result.

2023 Winter nails

Tweed nails, your classy winter manicure

For a more sophisticated look, this season tweed nails returns, a manicure with the same pattern that made Coco Chanel's suit famous worldwide. The revolutionary creation that freed women from antiquated fashion constraints has toured the planet, as has the design that takes it up. We created it with Amalia Grey, we cured the coat and then we applied Gloss Top without curing. We added and cured silver glitter, then we drew decorations in dark grey and Pure White using the appropriate brush and we polymerised the layer. As a final step, we applied and cured Gloss Top to seal.

latest winter nails 2023

Double-effect manicure, coolest nails ever

Another fashion giant is Christian Louboutin, the creator of the luxurious red-soled shoes. The famous designer was the first to emphasise the often neglected “B-side”. For the first time, someone paid attention to a side often left in the background, emphasising the importance of the double face effect, reminding us not to focus only on what we see in the foreground. The same peculiarity can be found on the double effect manicure, in which the inside of the nail is red. This style gone viral thanks to Selena Gomez, sported at the Vax Live concert where the singer was a presenter. Her fingers around the microphone highlighted the design created by Tom Bachik and we tried to replicate it. The best solution is to do use a transparent builder gel so the red can be seen when turning the fingers. After applying and curing the red we had to add another layer with a pink builder gel, we cured and mattified it then we applied and polymerised the black. We seal the job with a transparent top coat (on both nail sides). To stand out even more you can dare with a glitter finish instead of a traditional red, you will still enjoy Parisian class without necessarily having a pair of Louboutin in your shoe rack.

winter nail decoration 2023

Whichever solution you choose don’t worry, success is assured. Each one guarantees elegance and originality. It's up to you to choose whether you feel more Coco Chanel or Hailey Bieber, if you prefer to enjoy an icing donut without eating or if you want to wear the emblem of the footwear revolution without hurting your feet.

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