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New years nail designs: dare to wear simple or sparkling nails!

Make your nails BRIGHTER than fireworks

There are those who celebrate with an intimate party, others who look forward to the most epic party of all the time, those who escape to warmer countries and those who prefer to hole up in the mountains. Whichever plan you have, it will still be a great party, an opportunity to wear racy outfits to match a killer manicure. The most captured moments will be the toasts, your fingers around the goblet will have to be perfect. Don't panic: nail designs for New Year's Eve clear many taboos, during the last night of the year everything is allowed.

new years nails

Ideas for your New Year’s Eve outfit

31 December is the night of redemption, the last chance of the year to send that message you never sent, to apologise or to keep a promise. Whatever you decide to do you will have to leave your mark, so clothes and make-up cannot be trivial, nor can your nails. Your hands will have the honour of completing your outfit, be it elegant or alternative. Indeed, don't forget that stories and reels will immortalise speeches and toasts, your manicure will be framed and filmed many times.

new year nails

The goal is only one: to get noticed

We are here to give you various ideas to propose to your beautician when she asks you "if you already know what you would like to do". Go for anything that shines, glitter, rhinestone or chrome finish, even a matt effect embellished with decorations. If during the year you prefer a sober look, for the last night of the year you can dare with a touch of brightness, even for a simple dinner in company of those you love.

new years eve nails

If you don't feel comfortable with glittery fingers, lucky for you this year is the big comeback of the dot manicure. This technique is characterised by a spot or more (even of different sizes) drawn using the dotter, but, to make life easier for this style lovers, we propose our dots colours collection that already contains small black spots inside to create this effect without necessarily having to use the specific tool.

Dot manicure, your New Year’s Eve solution

The pioneer of this trend is Peter Philips, make-up artist and creative director of Christian Dior. The first appearance of this style occurred at a fashion show of the brand in 2016, the models' fingers matched the colours and size of the spots on the dresses. It was so successful that this look quickly became popular on everyone's hands, and it reappeared this year. An evergreen is the black & white combination, over time more original combinations have emerged, such as coloured dots on a transparent base or fluorescent details on a coloured base.

This trend can embellish a rose nude or add light to a matt effect, a matt black base with gold spots with a chrome finish is a real eye-catcher for the evening of 31 December. This technique can be combined with other geometric and linear shapes for a neat and tidy result. You don't need to be formidable with brushes, stickers come to the rescue, the final success is assured.

new year's eve nails

What you need to make it

We offer you the chance to play with fluorescent version, to liven up the outfit you will wear. Yellow, green, light blue, orange and fuchsia are our colours that contain small, thin, black particles of different sizes inside them. Making it is very simple, we used Milky Builder and we cured it, then we applied the colours we prefer twice and we polymerised both coats. As a final steap, we sealed everything with transparent gloss and cured the last layer. Your hands are now ready for the most eagerly awaited night of the year, add stickers (and cure to don’t lose them) to shine even more!

new years nail design

Now you have everything you need to face the 31 December party in the best possible way. Enjoy the night, whatever plans you have, dress as you like and stay with the people you love. We hope we've done our part to help you feel more confident, now it's up to you to decide who will be the first person you wish your New Year's greetings to.

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