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Nude Nails

"There’s a trick but you can't see it" is the perfect way to define nude manicure. It is a natural and sober effect that highlights your hands in a non-demanding way, a technique that “bares” your...

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Winter Nail Trends for Winter 2023

Looking for something new? You’re in luck, new winter nails trends are anything but ordinary! Black gives way to plays of light, matt and plain colours make way for alternative patterns, making for...

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Winter Wedding Nails

The bridal dress is not the only thing you will have to take care of for your big day, your wedding nails will have to follow the style chosen for the event. For a winter ceremony there are thousands...

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Don't be shy, shine!

Not everyone appreciates them but many are in love with them, we are talking about sequins. Coloured, silver or gold it doesn't matter, those who go crazy for sparkling effect wear it in every way...

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Chrome nails: this year's must-have!

The finish for those who are not afraid of the spotlight: the latest the hottest manicure is metallic effect nail art. The new nail trend winter 2022 is a manicure in which we can mirror ourselves...

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