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Nails armochromy, the science of colours for your manicure

Discover your nails armochromy

You can say goodbye to indecision and recklessness, thanks to the science of colour you will be on the safe side, you will know exactly which nuances enhance your look and bring out your face. The most popular method used by stylists and make-up artists not only applies to clothes and accessories, nails armochromy is the way to choose the perfect design for you.

What is Armocromia

Don’t panic, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. First of all you have to know that armochromy is the analysis that studies and classifies which shades are flattering or not for us. To establish this, several factors are taken into account such as skin undertone, eye and hair colour, presence of freckles or not. There are four macro groupings: autumn, winter, spring, summer. For each there are four sub-groups that change according to the intensity and depth of the pigments that characterise the various types of appearance, but first we advise you to start by identifying your chromatic palette. There are four criteria you must consider: undertone, value, contrast and intensity.


Criteria to consider

The undertone is the colouring of the least superficial layer of the epidermis and can be warm or cold. In the first case, the veins on the wrists tend to green, one tans without burning, and gold jewellery shines brighter than silver jewellery. In the second case, the veins on the wrists are bluish, one blushes in the cold, the tan does not take hold easily and silver accessories stand out more. Even so, a first distinction can be made: with a warm undertone you belong to the autumn or spring seasons, if it is cold you belong to summer or winter.

The epidermis value is determined by the quantity and quality of haemoglobin, the value refers to brightness. No matter whether warm or cold, the whole appearance is considered, the amount of white or black determines its brightness. To understand your value, stand in front of a mirror illuminated by natural light and observe your eyes and hair very carefully. On a scale ranging from the lightest to the darkest colours, the darker the value, the higher your intensity will be and vice versa.

Contrast occurs when we combine pigments with different values are combined. It can be high or low depending on the difference between eyes hair and skin. Contrast is usually very high when very light eyes and skin meet very dark hair. If, instead, tones are more similar to each other, the contrast will be low. An example of a low-contrast Autumn is Jennifer Lopez, with hazel eyes, brown hair, warm undertones and amber skin. A high-contrast Winter is Megan Fox with pale skin, cool undertones, ebony hair and blue eyes.

1-Megan Fox

2-Jennifer Lopez

Intensity refers to the degree of colour saturation, whether charged or subdued. The most intense intensities are defined as pure, the determining factors being the hue and shine of the hair and the brightness of the eyes (regardless of whether they are light or dark). High intensity is typical in Winter and Spring, it is low in Autumn and Summer, two seasons that favour pastel and opaque shades.

Now that you have all the elements to find out what your season is, all that remains is to update your wardrobe and make up considering also your nails armochromy. Remember that nails are the presentation of our hands, they cannot and must not take second place. They must be the first to respect your palette, choosing a unsuitable pigment would risk not fully enhancing you. Don't worry, we are here to recommend our perfect products so you won't go wrong!


Forget grey and sombre colours, green light to all shades of brown like cacao . Carte blanche to orange, mustard and olive green, while fluorescent category is totally banned.

9-Julia Roberts

Emma Watson


The watchword is: shine! Play with bright, full shades such as blue, purple, fuchsia, teal, silver and burgundy. No muted pigments, manicures with the evergreen combo black and white are also fine.

5-Selena Gomez

6-Kim Kardashian


Unleash the elegance of pastel shades, take full advantage of the rarest and most difficult to recognise palette. Yes to lilac and salmon pink, beige, coral red, straw yellow and pistacho green.

3-Margot Robbie

4-Adriana Lima


The very name of the season anticipates your favourite shades, choose products that recall the sea. Green light to turquoise and light blue, but also bright red and grey. No black, it wouldn't do you justice.

7-Bella Hadid

8-Jennifer Aniston

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, you will no longer have any doubts about what looks good on you and what doesn't. You can create a manicure that perfectly suits your physical features. You no longer have to “try” or “guess”! You now know what suits you and have all the tools to emphasise your beauty.

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