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Discover lots of new ideas for short nails!

all the advantages of short nails

Practical, comfortable, they do not get caught on clothes and are unlikely to break. These are just some of the countless advantages of short nails, besides being easy to care for. You don't have to use any tools to open jars or attach necklaces. You don't blind yourself when trying to get mascara residue out of your eyes and you don't leave scratches when caressing. In short, the pros are many and there are numerous ideas for short nails that can be used for impressive nail art.
  short nails


First of all, an almond, oval, square or squared shape is advisable to emphasise smaller nail dimensions. This way, your fingers will look slimmer no matter how long you decide to keep them. Rounded shapes, on the other hand, tend to shorten further, and the more extreme ones such as ballerina and stiletto do not suit short lengths. Once you have chosen the shape that best meets your needs, all that remains is to choose which design to make.
  short nails

monochrome manicure

The simplest option is a monochrome manicure, ideal for an elegant and neat result. Yes to evergreen colours such as red, black and nude. The latter, in particular, creates the illusion of an elongated nail bed. You can embellish your look by applying small luminous rhinestones near the cuticles for a super chic effect. Yes also to pastel shades. Their delicacy lends itself perfectly to small sizes.
  short nails
Do you prefer to range with colours? Mismatched nails are made for you! It is a multicoloured manicure perfect in any season. All you need to do is choose the right shades! A different colour on each finger is a perfect way to enhance short lengths, brighten up your style and cheer up your day. If you can't make up your mind, rely on the rules of armocromia.
If you love unique finishes, try glazed or metallic effects, both of which are easy to achieve using pigment powders. The two finishes add grit and personality, giving an extra boost to your style. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of decorations on short nails could be tacky.
  short nails

Negative Space

Can't resist decorations? Opt for minimal and essential solutions, such as geometric figures. If you want to create the illusion of more room on your nail plate, play with Negative Space. This technique consists of intentionally leaving empty spaces and only applying colour to certain areas. Another useful trick is Nail contouring, that is, leaving the side edges of the nail bed blank to make it look longer.
  negative space manicure

A timeless classic is the French manicure, the perfect solution for every nail type. It never goes out of fashion, matches any outfit and is suitable for any occasion. This style enhances your hand in a natural way, without overloading your look. To make your look sophisticated and classy, you can replace the classic white smile line with another shade. Isn't this enough for you? Dare with animal or glitter patterns! Looking for an even more minimalist look? Go for the Micro French manicure, which features an extremely thin smile line that closely follows the edge of the nail without extending further. If you're looking for inspiration, the undisputed queen of Micro French manicure is Betina Goldstein. The Mexican artist works in Los Angeles with Hollywood's most acclaimed stars. She has groomed the looks of celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Shawn Mendes and Zoe Isabella Kravitz. Her creations stand out for their extreme precision and the results are clean and impactful.
 micro french manicure

Do you love pois and don't like the idea of giving up on a dot design? Discover our Macaron collection! These pastel-coloured gel polishes are characterised by fine dots that will give a delicate touch to your look. Their yummy names evoke sweet fruits and creams. We are sure that these delicate shades will make your short nails stand out!

short nails

Now you know that if you file your nails more than you should, by mistake or deliberately, there is nothing to fear. Your creativity will not be curbed by a shorter length; you will still have a wide range of possibilities. Have fun and unleash your imagination!

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