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Skittles nails: the rainbow flavour manicure!

If you are looking for a manicure that puts you in a good mood, Skittles nails are for you. This trend pays homage to sweet and colourful American candies, take this opportunity to play with the rainbow!

Skittles nails are the most colorful manicure ever

The history

Children across the Atlantic undoubtedly remember the colourful candies that characterised their childhood, precisely the Skittles. Over the years, coloured nails have also conquered Europe thanks to the bright and garish tones that brighten up outfits and moods. Be careful though, this look should not be confused with Gradient nails! In this case the shades chosen do not have to belong to the same colour scale for a degradé effect, they can be any colour you like. The only rule is not to mix different styles, do not combine a matt nail with a glitter, metallic or fluorescent nail. Use the colours you prefer as long as they have the same finish, for the choice of shades don't bring limits, be inspired by the rainbow just like the famous candies!

skittles nailsskittles nails

Skittles or Mismatched nails?

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury doesn't matter, take the opportunity to try these coloured nails to make the most of your colour palette. You can unleash all the shades that, according to the rules of armocromia, suit you and enhance you. Unleash all the shades that suit you best, combine them as you like! You don't have to follow a precise order, this look screams absolute freedom! If in the Mismatched nails the five colours chosen for one hand tend to mirror each other, with Skittles nails you don't have to worry: you can choose ten different shades!

skittles nailsskittles nailsYou can choose from an infinite number of options. If you are undecided, opt for a manicure made with primary or complementary colours to avoid mistakes. Or, forget all the tricks and unleash your desire for colour freely on your hands and feet. In fact, this look is ideal for a fun and joyful pedicure for the summer, a great way to avoid having to worry about necessarily matching the same shades on your hands and feet.

skittles nailsskittles nailsIf you're afraid that Skittles nails don't lend themselves to particularly elegant occasions, you're wrong! When worn with an understated, plain outfit, they brighten up your look in a nice way. Selena Gomez sported them on a red carpet to emphasise a sophisticated black dress, adding a touch of panache to her style. The nail art worn by the international star was created by Tom Bachik, the manicurist of Hollywood's most influential VIPs.

skittles nailsskittles nailsIf you don't like pastel shades or even brighter ones, you can opt for darker, deeper shades that are perfectly suited to cooler temperatures. This nail style is suitable for any season. It is not strictly related to spring or summer, although it is particularly suitable for the most cheerful and colourful time of the year. However, this manicure can also be revisited in an autumnal or winter key. Such versions are becoming more and more popular as they help to play down cold-coloured outfits that tend to be monochrome. After all, what better time than the festive season to enjoy delicious gummy sweets and display themed nail art?

skittles nailsskittles nailsRegardless of the season, if you wear a nail length above the fingertip, you have enough space to play with a pop style where you can combine several colours on the same nail bed, achieving a sparkling, jaunty result. If you are wondering how to divide up the shades, there is only one answer: as you wish. There are no rules to follow or particular shades to achieve, subdivide the nail as you like, even asymmetrically (as long as the overall effect is neat and harmonious).

skittles nailsskittles nailsIf you fancy these colourful nails but don't feel like wearing them for several weeks in a row, you can only use them on special occasions to celebrate important events. For example, pop star and beauty icon Rihanna chose to celebrate her birthday in style with a flashy Skittles manicure, created by her long-time manicurist Maria Salandra. International supermodel Gigi Hadid also went public with this trend, posting a snap where she proudly shows off her colourful matt-finish fingers.

skittles nailsskittles nailsNow you know some of the many possible combinations you can go wild with! All you have to do is have fun with this nail art that pays homage to the whole range that the rainbow offers us.

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