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Tell me what shape of nail you wear and I will tell you who you are

Every personality has its nail shape

Not only what we wear expresses who we are, our nails also say a lot about us. There is a nail shape for every need and character, and some are more or less recommended depending on the shape of one's hand. If you are undecided as to which shape is best for you, we give you some advice on how to choose the best one for you.


Small and nice, they are ideal if you need comfort. Short and natural, they follow the shape of your fingertip and are difficult to break. Their round shape is extremely practical if you work with gloves or with special tools. If you are always in a hurry, with this solution you won't run the risk of scratching yourself when you absent-mindedly touch your chin trying to remember whether you have locked the car or not.

round nails


They are the most classic option, to be carefree and play it safe. They suit every age and occasion, and look good on any type of hand. No matter if you have short or long fingers, narrow or wide nail beds, they will look good on you either way. If some days you are so tired that you prefer to order take-away food rather than go shopping, you don't need to worry about proper filing either, with this shape you can sleep soundly.

oval nails


Among the most popular among nail art lovers! They are particularly suitable for French manicures. As they do not have rounded corners, you have more space to indulge your creativity. They tend to snag more easily and require careful maintenance and attention. Since square lines tend to "shorten", they look good on tapered fingers. They are the right option for you if you love precision and have always taken care of your things, rarely ruining them.

square nailsSquoval

If you are an eternal indecisive, this is the solution for you. It's hard enough deciding between sea or mountain, meat or fish and sweet or savoury, why choose between getting round or square nails? Make them squoval! They are the 'gentler' version of square nails, with more accentuated angles than oval and longer than round. Suitable for slender hands, they lend themselves to minimal and chic nail art. For best results, we recommend not keeping them too short.

squoval nails


The most loved, popular and feminine of all. Suitable on anyone, especially stubby hands as they help the fingers appear longer and slimmer. They are stylish and suitable for any occasion, if kept at medium length they lend themselves well to more articulate decorations. Bold and chic at the same time, feisty but still elegant. They are perfect if you want to be fashionable but don't like excesses that deviate too far from a classic style.

almond nails

Ballerina or Coffin Nails

Either you love them or you hate them, there is no middle ground. Overseas, ballerina nails are also called Coffin Nails because of the severed tip reminiscent of a coffin; the old continent retains a more romantic spirit and names them after the tips of professional dancers. If you want to experience long enough ballerina nails, you have to have strong and healthy nails. They are worth it, they lend themselves perfectly to large and extravagant decorations with which you can give free rein to your creative flair.

coffin nails


Long and sharp as blades, stiletto nails are one of the most difficult to wear. They require a lot of attention, especially in the early days when you'll get tangled up everywhere and fray your jumpers. They immediately draw attention to the gesture, so they are not particularly suitable on chubby palms or short nail beds. They're perfect if you're not afraid of anything or anyone, if you want to be the queen of the night and put all your onychophagic friends to shame.

Stiletto nails

Arrowhead or Mountain peak

Shorter than stilettos but with a more pronounced tip, Arrowhead or Mountain Peak nails resemble real claws. Their tip is well defined and they are usually worn before switching to stilettos. If you want to start playing with a grittier, more bold look, you will have to learn to juggle your fingertips. Tweezers and Q-tips will become your most valuable allies for hooking collars and opening cans. Don't be intimidated, practise and dare!

arrowhead nails

Oblique (Lipstick)

Lengthened and filed at an angle, they look like lipstick. They are distinctive, alternative, and help to make everything look slimmer. They are not the most suitable for those who like straightness. They are, however, a witty way to play with one's image and in case you don't like them, simply even out the end. Try them with geometric decorations, it will be fun to experiment!

lipstick nails


Three-dimensional, eye-catching and ground-breaking, Edge manicures are among the most contemporary ones. Enjoying an almost futuristic look and are some of the favourites among the most talented and innovative nail technicians. The final effect is that of the letter V, particularly enhanced when combined with a geometric or linear nail design that focuses on the tip. They are ideal for adding a rock touch to your outfit, the secret is to wear them with ease!

edge nails


They are the most extreme and most unusual of all, and the least popular because they are hard to wear. At first glance they may appear 'upside down', but the effect is intentional. Narrow at the base and wide at the tip, they create the effect of an inverted triangle. Given their large volume, they lend themselves well to playing with appliqués and micro-painting. They are the extra edge for a special occasion, less so for everyday wear. They can help you in summer, in case you don't have a fan.

flare nails
Now you know all the main nail shapes there are, and you're spoilt for choice. Do you like them all and can't decide? Try them one at a time until you find the right one for you!

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