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Marble nails, for an elegant yet bold manicure!

Make a perfect Marble manicure

The timeless beauty of marble

How many times have we been petrified in front of breath-taking sculptures or luxury furnishings? It has often happened, especially when marble is involved, a metamorphic stone that owes its enchantment precisely to the imperfections in the rock. It’s one of the few cases in which what would be considered a flaw on other materials is instead a richness, a boast to be displayed in museums or in exhibition of sophisticated home design. Marble manicure carries this beauty to your hands, without paying a ticket or receiving an invitation to enjoy one of the most interesting material ever.

marble nails

How to wear marble nails

Some looks are called “evergreen” precisely because they never go out of fashion. One of the most famous timeless trend is marble nails, back in vogue with all its versions. There are those who love the classic black and white effect and those who prefer gold to enrich their hands. There are no rules for this style, you are free to choose the solution you prefer. The most sober and delicate version is created with white base that recall the natural colour of the stone, but if you have a rock soul you will love this trend created on a black base with gold or silver veins. If it's your first time you can play it safe by sporting a nude base with white and gold lines to embellish your gestures (and while you're at it, you could add some small flakes for an even more sophisticated and impactful result). If these proposals bore you and you prefer a fresher style, you can replicate this look with the colours you prefer, without any limits neither for the shades you choose nor for the shape, one of the great things about this finish is that it stands out perfectly on any length. Moreover, as the veins of stones are imperfect by nature, there is no need to go crazy to create lines in the “proper” way, this time the irregularity is the centrepiece.

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Different shades for every season

Dark shades are perfect for winter, if you don’t want to repeat yourself with black you can try a grey base, it’s a universal colour for all season long. Warm shades are ideal if you are nostalgic for autumn, you can recall them with a brown or orange base and white or gold veins, the end result will be tremendously chic. This design also connects to spring, where you will see the same style in pastel colours (and more). The most striking tones are emerald green and teal, with clear lines and flakes giving the perception of wearing something as precious as a jewel. For this winter, however, the most popular combinations are romantic manicures with a white or blue base alternating with classic finish. It is not compulsory to carry out the trend on all fingers, if alternated with plain colours the result is sober but just as special.

marble nail design

How to do a marble manicure

We alternated this effect with fingers with an even base created with London Sky, a blue with grey undertones, perfect for winter. We spread a drop of White Extra and Baby Blue on a mixing palette, picking up and spreading the resulting mixture with the proper brush. After the decorations have been made and cured, we applied and cured Matte Top to seal and mattify, obtaining a very chic result. If Matt finish doesn’t meet your taste, we offer a shimmering solution creating a transparent base without immediately curing it. Please take a few drops of HypnosisMadness and Supernova and draw an S on the nail, cure the coat and end up by applying and polymerising Gloss Top. You will achieve a bright and contemporary effect and lots of compliments!

marble nail art

Now all you have to do is decide what to wear, you won't have the thought of having to match your manicure to your outfit, you'll be on the safe side whatever you choose. Whether you're going to the office or to a pub or to a starred restaurant it doesn't matter, you'll look amazing anyway!

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