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Christmas nail designs: for alternative yet timeless nails!

Create your dreamy christmas nail design

In a few days we can start the countdown to the most awaited holiday of the year and its Christmas manicure. Just like you, your beautician will be on a tight schedule, so if you will arrive at the appointment with a clear idea about the design you would like to do, that will be a great help. Christmas trends include alternative colours to red to enhance your hands in an innovative way.

christmas nail designs

Blue is the new main character

Blue is the colour of the night and dreams, it’s also the main character of Christmas nail art. It is a versatile colour, blue captures winter essence and it matches everything (just like black but with a touch of magic). Blue can have a thousand shades, you will be surprised how much it can light up your look for the holidays. This season includes a huge amount of glitter, you are free to experience a manicure that combines midnight blue with sparkling silver. If you prefer, you can play with snowflakes for a “frozen” effect or add comets for a mystical look.

christmas nails designs

Why don’t you take the chance to relive the atmosphere of childhood fairy tales? By applying or drawing pines and reindeers on a blue base, you will relive the magic forests’ atmosphere you were used to listen to when you were young(er). Do you prefer to toggle your chosen base with other shades? Does the celestial colour not fit into your colour palette? No problem, with a transparent base you can design typical lights in different colours (red, green, gold) that will adorn your fingers better than the tree in your living room.

What if Blue doesn’t match my palette?

Too many ideas and can’t choose? You don’t have to, you can create an ombré manicure with many shades of royalty’s colour. Thanks to this technique, you can combine the colours you love on the same finger so that you don’t have to give up either one. By gently fading them, you will achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. This winter is daring, if you have audacity to spare you can replicate knitting, creating an eye-catching and witty 3D effect.

christmas nail designs 2022

Ideas for your Christmas nail design

Whatever ideas you have, we provide everything you need to unleash your holidays spirit and experience this season with hands that will make dream big(ger). With fingers embellished with rhinestones and stickers anything you wear will be a hit, play with rings and bracelets to catch the attention of everyone with your gestures. Go for silver, spotlights and glitter, you will shine more than a comet. Do you prefer simpler combinations to go with blue? Use white, it is the colour of snow and a precious ally that always gives a touch of sophistication. For an icy look you can ask your beautician to make snowflakes nails or frost nails. The first one brings out the elegance of snowflakes, the second one replicates the ice plumes (glittering or not) and it creates a bewitching and striking effect. You will leave everyone speechless, not because of the coldness but for the unique style you will show off.

christmas nail art

We hope we've done our bit to help alleviate some of the anxiety about holidays preparations, we know that the main thought now is to get all the presents completed so we do our best to at least provide you many hints to go to your beautician appointment with a clear head. Now it's up to you to choose, we can't say whether it is better for you to use stickers or transfer foil, but we can help you arrive at the most awaited meal of the year with hands that will receive waves of compliments

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