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Pastel nails: simple and sophisticated!

Pastel nails are the spring must-have


Soft, discreet colours tend to be used in spring, but can be used all year round depending on your preferences. Summer in particular is the triumph of soft colours. Delicate shades look good on any length and shape of nail, without distinction. Pastel nails are perfect for any occasion, whether for an aperitif by the sea or brunch in the city. Combined with a veil of tan, they will make you look tremendously chic.

pastel manicure


There are endless ways to wear soft colours, starting with the finishes. It is not necessary to opt for a matt or buffed effect. You can give your look an extra edge by choosing a top coat with a bright and glossy effect. In short, you have the freedom to choose what you like without running the risk of altering the beauty of soft colours.

pastel nail colour


Want to embellish your light shades in a special yet discreet way? Try our macaron gel nail polishes, one of our must-haves. Their light shades contain tiny dots that add a glamorous touch to your style. Check them out, they could be the solution you've been looking for to a delicate and eye-catching manicure!

pastel-coloured nails


If you want to give your manicure a twist, try Swirl Nails! Colourful and fun, you can do them with pastels. Swirl Nails come from across the Atlantic: after their popularity in the States, they have arrived in Europe, bringing us a breath of fresh air! Their name comes from Swirl Lollipops, the famous coloured lollipops with a "swirl" effect. In fact, the end result is waves and colours reminiscent of the famous childhood sweet. The sinuous, sometimes concentric lines simulate the movement of turbines, creating an almost psychedelic effect. There are no stakes for this type of graphic design, they can be adapted to any shape and length. We have created this look on a nude base, to make the final result more sophisticated.

pastel nails

Mismatched Nails

Can't decide on one colour for your nail art? Don't, try Mismatched Nails, the multicoloured manicure that lights up your style and brightens up your mood. This trend sees fingers with different colours but belonging to the same colour family, you just have to choose whether to put them in scale or contrast. We think this is a great way to wear pastel nails in an alternative and fun way, while maintaining class and charm. This look is adaptable in any shade you like, of course the choice of colours also changes according to the season. The important thing is to combine the different shades thoughtfully, leaving nothing to chance. If you prefer contrast, we suggest you choose two tones that complement each other (e.g. yellow and purple, blue and orange, green and red, etc.). If you want a gradient manicure, choose a starting tone and then apply lighter or darker colours, always within the same colour scale.

pastel colour nails


This shaded effect is also known as 'degradé'. The concept does not change and the style is the same: stylish, chic and extremely versatile. Whichever outfit you choose for an aperitif or a job interview, it will be lit! We propose this gradient nail art in delicate tones, perfect for both spring and summer. We used Builder Gel Frozen Pink to create our nail structure. We then applied and cured Wild Berry lilac gel polish on thumb and index finger, and Ice Lime on ring and little finger. On the middle finger we applied Wild Berry on the right side and Ice Lime on the left, gently blending them with the special brush and curing. For a more intense and noticeable result, we suggest repeating this last step twice. Finally, we spread and cured our transparent Base/Top, then removed the sticky layer.

gradient nails
These are just a few of the infinite ways to wear pastel nails, the options you have at your disposal are numerous and all valid. These shades lend themselves well to all kinds of colour games and outfits. Have fun and don't be afraid to try out!

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