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Black nails: a must-have for every season!

Find out cool options for fancy Black nails

Black is a colour that belongs to our everyday lives more than we think. Black is the night sky, our Monday mood, the coffee grounds, the hue of clothes that makes us look slimmer. This shade is not only the subject of numerous sayings, it is the ultimate wild card for versatile style. Black nails are a must that has no seasonality. Discover all the endless possibilities that a total black look offers!

black manicure

What's black?

From a scientific point of view, colour is an expression of light. Every material and element absorb and reflect certain wavelengths of visible light, so objects take on a certain hue for the human eye. A red rose reflects and scatters red light, absorbing all other wavelengths. As a result, the rose appears red to us. When all light is not captured but reflected, we see white; in the absence of reflected light, we see black. This makes black and white 'colours not colours'. The black we see on prints, textiles or enamels is formed from pigments and is called 'achromatic' because it cannot be created. The shade we are used to seeing is in fact nothing more than a mixture of the darkest colours that only comes close to absolute black. You have probably already noticed that black nails cure quickly under a UV or LED lamp, white on the other hand takes much longer. Now that we have given you a few more specifications on how best to use this colour, all you have to do is discover the many combinations to experiment with!

black nails

Ideas for your black manicure

Gold, silver and white are the best allies and it is well known. Pink is also more and more matched with dark shades, a combination adopted by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne in the early 2000s. A total black manicure is also beautiful in solid colours, but if you are looking for a more original solution, you can combine animal prints to give a touch of audacity. Such a bold style can play down an elegant outfit such as a dark suit. It is also the perfect match for a rocker look such as black leather leggings or ripped jeans, the best allies for a memorable ladies' night.

black nails animalier
If you prefer a more delicate look, you can create a beautiful marble effect with white veins. Moreover, the marble effect does not follow any strict rules and you can have fun drawing the lines you prefer. Try the marble manicure revisited in a dark key and you will fall in love with it!

marble black nails
Want to give your nails more depth? Go wild with the Cat’s Eyes! Thanks to the iridescent gel nail polishes, you only have to bring the magnet close to create a unique style. The ideal solution for magnetic nails!

cat's eye black nails

Our suggestions for your black manicure

Surely you are familiar with the famous French Manicure, a nail art that was born in Hollywood in the 1970s thanks to manicurist Jeff Pink, then head of a well-known nail polish brand. What made this look famous all over the world was the idea of outlining the upper edge of the nail with chalk white, a simple and chic way to keep hands neat and tidy. This evergreen has known many variations over the years and we propose a black smile line to revisit this great classic. First, we built the structure with AcrilGel Milky Pink using AcrilGel Solution and the appropriate brush. Next, draw the smile line with our Poison Black Supreme gel polish and create an Outline French manicure. This is a design in which the usually coloured space is left empty, outlining it only with two thin lines. The first line traces the free edge of the nail, while the second lies slightly below and outlines the base of the smile line. In some cases, the upper line continues downwards to highlight the entire perimeter of the nail. We did the same, sure that you will like the end result!

black french manicure
We hope we have given you plenty of ideas for classic or alternative black nails. They have always been iconic, go with every season and never go out of fashion. If you are bored with the traditional or matt version, you can indulge in a glitter, unicorn, dot or galaxy effect finish. In short, there is no shortage of options, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best!

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