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Winter Wedding Nails

Make your wedding nails dreamy

How to get ready for the best day of your life

You probably never imagined that the preparations for the best day of your life would drive you crazy. If you fear you won't be able to please everyone, relax: you don't have to. It’s your moment, you are about to say 'yes' to a new married life, you and your better half will be the undisputed stars. As you walk down the aisle you will have everybody’s eyes on you and they won’t only be looking at your dress, every single detail will be noticed. Your winter wedding manicure will have to be perfect, it doesn’t matter if you will hold the bouquet, the rings or your centenarian aunt.

winter wedding nails

Play it safe with Babyboomer nail design

On a day full of unknowns, we propose at least one safe solution: the baby boomer. This is the most popular design at marriages, the perfect combination of elegance and versatility. It is a gradient effect ranging from pink to white, with no clear dividing lines as in the French manicure. The pink at the base camouflages the regrowth and the white elongates the nail, creating a harmonious result with no sharp colour gaps.

No matter if you are going to wear a traditional mermaid model dress, a modern suit or a majestic princess style, whether you will arrive strictly in white or if you want to impress with alternative colours, baby boomer goes with everything. Your hands will be the last thing you have to worry about, you will be perfect for the ceremony and tidy for the duration of the honeymoon.

If you will be a bridesmaid or the made of honour, this look is also ideal for the important task you will have. You'll be the bride's right-hand man, endure her mental breakdowns, help her to manage the bridal dress when she has to go to the toilet, buffer her tears of joy and fix her make-up. You'll be by her side for most of the event, so you too will need to wear stunning winter wedding nails.

winter bride nails

The history of Babyboomer manicure

You may be wondering why a design so versatile and chic at the same time bears such a weird name, there are several theories. Some claim that this trend was born during the “baby boom” after World War II, an important period for the growth of world's population. Others say that it’s called in this way because it’s very popular among the generation of the same name, as it represents a more neutral and softer version of the French manicure that was very popular also in the seventies. Others believe that baby indicates something as delicate as children and boomer is the reinterpretation of something in particular or an era, so we can say that this look takes its name from the reinterpretation of French style that was popular at the time.


How to make perfect winter wedding nails

We create this trend with our trump card: Acrygel, a product that combines the best properties of gel and acrylic. The first step is to apply AcrilGel Soft White on the nail tip, shape it with the appropriate brush and cure it. Then put a bit of AcrilGel Cover Phard, spread it creating a shaded effect and polymerise the coat. The last step is to apply Gloss Top to cure and seal everything.

Our suggestion is to don’t stop now, go further to stand out and dare (with elegance, it’s still a ceremony). A pearl gloss, a rhinestone at the base, a floral sticker or silver flakes on alternating fingers are the ideal solution for a chic but not boring effect. You can copy the bouquet of flowers you will hold during the most significant walk of your life or you can take inspiration by your dress’ pattern. Ask your beautician for advices on the shape and length, she will be able to help you to best decorate your hands before the big "yes".

wedding nails

Now you have everything you need to enjoy such an important moment, whether you are the bride, her mother or her best friend. Emotions will run high, make-up will be stressed and you will find out if your mascara is really waterproof or not, but your hands will be flawless. Now all you have to do is to say "Yes, I do".

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