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Professional Nail Art brushes

professional brushes for nail art

Do you love micro nail decoration and want to turn your mani into a work of art? You need the necessary tools, including good professional nail art brushes! Depending on the design you want to create, you will need to use the appropriate instruments that will allow you to give free rein to your creativity. Do you want to embellish your manicure with nail pigments and various decorations? We have everything you need. In this article you will find the description and how to use our nail art brushes.


Versatile and multi-purpose, it has two silicone tips, one conical and the other flat. Its duality is perfect for applying pigment powder, levelling transfer foils and modelling plasticine for 3D nail art. It can also be used to push particularly sensitive cuticles, or to precisely define the smile line of a French manicure.
nail art brush


The perfect solution to remove dust, pigments and excess glitter gently but effectively, without ruining the nail art.
nail art brush

French Brush

Ideal for making French manicure, it is designed to achieve a perfect smile line. The slanted, slightly rounded bristles help to outline the tip with extreme precision and ease.
nail art brush

Trendy Double Spot

Spot brush with double tip, indispensable for decorating with precision and for finishing smile lines. The two ends have different sizes, you can choose which one to use according to the size of your nail design.
nail art brush

Decoration Brush

Useful for evenly shading between colours, whether gel polish or gel colour. It has two different sponge ends, both of which can be replaced if required. This tool is the must-have for making the perfect baby boomer effect.
nail art brush
nail art brush


Thanks to the comb-shaped bristles, blending between different shades of gel polishes and gel colours is possible. It also lends itself well to blending glitter when creating a waterfall effect.
nail art brush

Trendy Micro

Handy and elegant, its very fine yet strong bristles allow for fine and detailed decorations.
nail art brush

Trendy Super Fine

Also designed for very fine and precise lines, it has even finer but slightly longer bristles.
nail art brush

Liner Brush Set

They are three indispensable allies for high-precision work. They have three dimensions, designed for geometric or abstract figures and for contour lines and long, straight lines.
nail art brush

Trendy Liner

The tool for professional decoration. The Kolinsky bristles are also perfect for acrylic colours. It is the ideal product for quickly achieving precise and fine lines.
nail art brush
Now you know how to use our professional nail art brushes. All you have to do is try out the tool you need to unleash your imagination.

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