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The future? Spray nail polish

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spray nail polish, is it the future?

When you hear the words 'spray can', street artists painting beautiful murals come to mind, or spray paint to personalise the bicycle of your teenage years. Probably, within a few years, these words will trigger another association in your mind: spray nail polish. Yes, you read that right, it would appear to be one of the new frontiers of the aesthetics industry. Currently there are only a few and they are not very popular, but with the right improvements they could become a real nail trend of the future. Brush purists might turn up their noses, but it is not yet time to be alarmed. In this article, we tell you about the curiosities that are leaking out about this new product that is receiving a lot of criticism.

spray gel polish


This innovation started about ten years ago and is still being constantly updated. The idea stems from the demands of modern life, including the lack of time for a thorough manicure. Whether do-it-yourself or appointments in beauty salons, the desire to take care of oneself persists, a desire that is not being abandoned but rather adapted to the timescales of today's society. To reconcile these needs, the much-discussed spray nail polish was born. As fast as the world runs, it dries quickly, but is highly imprecise and the end result is far from perfect.

spray gel polish
First apply a transparent base coat to even out the nail, wait for it to dry and then place your hands on a card or cloth so as not to dirty the surface on which you are resting. You then spray the product as evenly as possible, taking care not to tilt your fingers to avoid an uneven effect. In a few seconds, the polish is dry, and a transparent sealant can then be applied. As soon as it dries, you must wash your hands to remove any residue from the skin. The result will last about 7 to 10 days, but be sure to use gloves for household cleaning.
spray gel polish
Obviously, the result is not neat and meticulous, and creative and sophisticated nail art is unthinkable. It is a very quick solution for those who do not even have time to eat sitting down but do not want to give up taking care of their look. One of the pros is its practicality: you can take it everywhere, its application is quick and it does not smell bad. One of the biggest cons is undoubtedly the waste of product: far more product escapes than actually remains on the nail. At present, this hasty take on manicures has not met with much success, except for holographic make-up artists such as Lottie Tomlinson, the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson, former member of the boyband One Direction.

spray gel polish


This nail trend perhaps reflects today's society, in which precision does not always count but rather the preservation of the little free time we have. Are we really willing to show ourselves in public with sloppily treated nails? Just because we have no time either to make an appointment with a nail tech or to take an hour or two for ourselves and do it at home. We leave it to you to think about this futuristic product that you will hear more and more about.

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