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Nude Nails

You will never go wrong with a nude manicure

They are the most used by VIPs on the red carpet, the most popular for events and galas, they have always existed and their class is timeless: we are talking about natural looking nails. Delicate, elegant, not excessive and never going out of fashion, this style is the hottest trend of the moment. The real finesse of this design? Guessing the exact shade of your skin tone.

natural looking nails

What is a Nude manicure

Natural effect resists to fashion industry changes and time, it’s always the most popular trend in every season. It’s the interpretation of the “makeup-no-makeup” concept in the manicure’s world; the full name is Barely There Nude, literally “almost nude”. Its peculiarity is that it doesn’t refer to a single colour but to a range of shades that reflect your own skin colour. The difficulty of this design is not in its execution, but in choosing the precise nuance for your undertone (which can be warm, cold or neutral). The coat applied must be almost invisible, barely noticeable, just enough to enhance the fingers as best as possible. The result will be chic and minimalist, giving the impression of tidiness and cleanliness. If you want to add a touch of glam you can use a pearl or gloss finish to make them even more beautiful and healthy looking.

natural looking manicure

Why has the trend spread so widely?

The minimalist aesthetic is a philosophy that Hailey Bieber has always embraced and promoted. The model and fashion icon has even launched a line of skincare products to prove that minimal is not always boring, quite the contrary. During the shooting made to promote her creations, she wears a manicure of the same pink as her skin tone, without adding small rhinestones near the cuticles nor any decoration. In doing so, the wife of international pop star Justin Bieber was coherent with the message she wanted to convey: sometimes you just need to enhance your own nature to shine. On some occasions, the top model wears a glazed finish to give a touch of glow not only to her makeup.

Who is the best at doing it?

Hiley's glazed style created by celebrity beautician Zola Ganzorigt is always flawless and it has quickly gone viral on social media and catwalks. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian prefers a creamier result, the famous Milky Nails made with fuller and milkier pigments but still basic and chic at the same time. This style was chosen by Jennifer Lopez for her majestic wedding with the actor Ben Affleck, achieving a clean and elegant look without any frills (already abundant on the bride dresses chosen for the event). Queen of Hollywood or of United Kingdom it doesn't matter, this trend has always been the favourite of Queen Elizabeth and in turn of Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, who have always worn it in its most basic version without the “donut icing” effect that we like (both the finish and the donut).

nude manicure ideas

What you need to make nude nails

To add a touch of light we propose to alternate classic and pearl shades without too many frills. We first applied and cured our GPC17 Nude twice to create the base; it’s a colour that suits different complexions thanks to its antique pink and beige nuances. To add three-dimensionality, we drew typical jumper weaves on some fingers, giving a cozy touch to a look that is perfect also for winter season. On the decorations we added delicate glitter to give it a twist, then applied and cured a matte sealant for a flawless result.

ideas for natural looking nails

Now you know the solutions to enjoy a simple and refined style, to have no problems in matching outfits without the fear of being 'out of fashion' or 'out of place'. If you don't like to go out of the box this trend is for you, it’s the solution to feel at ease on any occasion and in any season without being boring. You're bound to fall in love with this trend that never gets old, now all you have to do is thinking about yourself on the red carpet with movies’ stars or imagine you sipping tea at Buckingham Palace.

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